Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More vegetables in the depths of winter

We've done dried beans, and we've done jarred pineapple and peppers. Now, since the big freeze is here, I decided to make a warm salad with decidedly unwarm vegatables. Say it loud, say it proud: There's nothing wrong with frozen vegetables. Especially if you buy the best quality organic ones. So there.

A Frenchwoman would probably call this a poêlée (a 'fryingpanned'). I'm an Englishwoman, and I'm calling it a warm salad. What really makes the earthy beans, chickpeas, and mushrooms sing is the pesto vinaigrette:

Best quality olive oil.

Vegan pesto (make your own in summer or try one of the Israeli brands available in Middle Eastern shops or at the Kosher Franprix in winter).

Red wine or sherry vinegar.

Salt and plenty of pepper.

The pesto does what mustard normally does in a vinaigrette: thickens and allows the whole shebang to emulsify. A post on vinaigrettes soon, I feel.

I served my warm salad (it can't be a 'fryingpanned' - I made it in my brand new Le Creuset casserole) with a side of Scheese on toast, because 'salad' sounds too healthy when it's -5°C outside.

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