Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Ho ho ho, do you get it? The name of this really rather lovely restaurant is a combination of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Thankfully, the food is a lot better than the name.

It's a quirky little place in a nice location right at Oberkampf métro station (just a stone's throw from République). The menu is by no means exclusively vegetarian, but there are many vegetarian and vegan options, with the majority of dishes being served in meaty, fishy, and tofu-y versions. Go for the tofu-y version, yeah?

I had the bobun, that lovely Vietnamese dish of cool rice noodles; salady bits like lettuce, bean sprouts, and grated carrot; peanuts; mint; and Vietnamese 'spring rolls', nems.

With a few more mint leaves and crispier tofu, this would've been perfection. I'm planning to go back and try the vegan yellow curry dish, which comes with a choice of normal or sticky rice. Sticky rice at no extra cost! I also nabbed a spoonful of my friend's banana in coconut milk with tapioca desert, and it was very good. They have a small selection of South-East Asian beers, lots of cocktails, and lots of juices and smoothies. I went for a ginger juice, which tasted mostly of pineapple and only a little of powdered ginger (or maybe ginger syrup?) but was nice nonetheless.

The prices, apart from a couple of the desserts, are extremely reasonable. They also do good deals at lunchtime.

The staff are as eclectic as the menu - Brazilian and Columbian waiting staff, a Filipino in the kitchen, etc. Everyone we met was extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. Top marks to our Brazilian waiter for speaking French with virtually no accent while serving a vegan, a dreadhead, a blind guy, and an American about to leave Paris after a decade without batting an eyelid.

26 Boulevard Voltaire (map)
Métros: Oberkampf, Filles du Calvaire, République

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