Monday, 18 March 2013

Vegan Berlin II

Berlin is too amazing for one trip to suffice. So I dutifully went back to see more, eat more, drink more.

We arrived really late at night, tired, and hungry. There was only one solution: falafel.

Omni had his first Berlin kebab, and finished my falafel. The spicy sauce was very spicy, very yummy. Oh, and the chips! How did I miss this last time? Chips fried to perfection and finished off with a salty-spicy sprinkle and lashings of ketchup.

Next up, brunch at Kopps. It runs from 12-4pm every weekend, and is outstanding. The spread stretches as far at the eye can see: fantastic breads, mueslis, compôtes, salads, ham, tofu scramble, potatoes, waffles, fruit salad, doughnuts, oh God.

I got a cold plate to start, with cucumber salad, delicious smokey chewy ham, amazing egg salad, bbq beef salad, celeriac salad, courgette-spring onion salad. All vegan, obviously. Yes, even the egg.

Then the hot: cheesy beans (YESSSS), tofu scramble that I found a little sloppy (I like mine very well done), and amazing sautéed potatoes with bacon/ham bits. The voice of the Omni: "I'm going back for thirds of these potatoes".

And finally we got our paws on the last round of waffles and doughnuts. I found the waffles a bit weird - maybe lacking sweetness? Loved the doughnuts though. The voice of the Omni: "Only vegans would enjoy these desserts". Oh well.

That night we went to see the Tiger Lillies at the Tipi Am Kanzleramt. The venue is amazing: a series of circus tents in the Tiergarten. Very well heated. All red velvet, fairy lights, bustling waiters, and cabaret-style tables.

I'd phoned in advance to ask about vegan food options, and was amazed that a) the nice lady was patient with my German and b) she wasn't remotely taken aback by the fact that I wanted vegan food. She booked me a three-course vegan meal which turned out to be delicious.

No photos of the starter, which was a tasty herby soup with croûtons. Here's the main: breaded smoked tofu, crunchy vegetables in coconut milk, potato croquettes. The whole lot bathed in atmospheric cabaret lighting...

And pudding: blackcurrant sorbet, redcurrants, and a fabulous vanilla-flavoured apple compôte.

Wandering around Friedrichshain the next day, wondering if I could make Omni eat a Vöner, we chanced upon Zeus pizzeria.

And how lucky we were! They do vegan versions of most of their pizzas. We went for a great big vegan Pikant. Perfect crispy base, tasty tomato sauce, vegan cheese, peperoni, and jalapenos. My first cheesy vegan pizza. Not sure I can cope with the Paris-standard végétarienne sans fromage after this delight.

The voice of the omni: "This is amazing", "I never thought vegan pizza could be so good", "This is the best pizza I've had for ages: vegan or not".

Do I look like a vegan?

Oh, and definitely go to the Sammlung Boros next time you're in Berlin. Extraordinary contemporary art in a bunker, including art that you can eat.

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