Friday, 26 April 2013

Vegan Brussels

I could do with a t-shirt that says 'I went all the way to Brussels and didn't eat any chips'.

I did, however, eat plenty of other delicious things.

Deliciously fresh, flavoursome food at Eccetera by Place Jourdan (warning, noisy website).

Bonus bruschetta to begin:

And then a great, warm caponata with shovels of good bread:

My friends had the vegetarian-but-not-vegan risotto:

The other food highlight was Fanny Thai. It's even better than its name. A score of vegan options, which can mostly be made with either tofu or seitan. The seitan is the stuff from those ubiquitous blue cans, but tasty nonetheless.

I had a tofu satay starter. Absolutely gorgeous. Then a seitan main that I've forgotten about now, but enjoyed a lot at the time. Here's the starter:

And finally, something sweet. We visited Mary, and after a little questioning it turned out that the dark chocolate-coated ginger niblets were vegan. So I bought them.

And then I ate every last one of them, not sharing with anyone.

Friday, 5 April 2013

What is the best market in Paris?

You'll get as many different answers to this question as people you ask. My (definitive) answer is: the Marché d'Aligre.

I just so happen to live on the Rue d'Aligre. The market is on every morning apart from Monday, from around 8am till 1pm (2pm at the weekend).

Why is it so good? It's insanely cheap, it's right outside my door, there's a huge variety, the traders are super friendly, the street is lined with food shops and cafés for all your needs. There's also a covered market for expensive posh stuff, and bric à brac stalls on the Place d'Aligre.

The above haul set me back €4 this morning. Cheap enough for you?

Top tips for bargains: go on a Sunday, towards closing time; and head to the end of the street towards the Rue de Charenton, not the Rue du Faubourg St Antoine. Cheaper, less busy.

Dare to disagree? Have your own favourite market? Tell all!

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Marché d'Aligre
Rue & Place d'Aligre
Paris 75012
Métro: Ledru-Rollin (line 8) or Gare de Lyon (Lines 1 and 14)
Open Tuesday -Sunday, 8am - 1/2pm.