Friday, 26 April 2013

Vegan Brussels

I could do with a t-shirt that says 'I went all the way to Brussels and didn't eat any chips'.

I did, however, eat plenty of other delicious things.

Deliciously fresh, flavoursome food at Eccetera by Place Jourdan (warning, noisy website).

Bonus bruschetta to begin:

And then a great, warm caponata with shovels of good bread:

My friends had the vegetarian-but-not-vegan risotto:

The other food highlight was Fanny Thai. It's even better than its name. A score of vegan options, which can mostly be made with either tofu or seitan. The seitan is the stuff from those ubiquitous blue cans, but tasty nonetheless.

I had a tofu satay starter. Absolutely gorgeous. Then a seitan main that I've forgotten about now, but enjoyed a lot at the time. Here's the starter:

And finally, something sweet. We visited Mary, and after a little questioning it turned out that the dark chocolate-coated ginger niblets were vegan. So I bought them.

And then I ate every last one of them, not sharing with anyone.


  1. Bravo on not sharing! ;-)

    Fanny Thai... a weird rabbithole of Googling in response led me to this:

    SC x

  2. I think you found the cat at the end of the internet!

    I found the actually Fanny Thai website once. Never since. Maybe the cat at the end of the internet ate it x


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