Friday, 2 August 2013

Loving Hut Paris

Loving Hut is not a restaurant for the cynical, the jaded, or the grumpy. Those of us with these characteristics will have a hard time dealing with the revoltingly perky waitresses, the annoying (albeit muted) screens broadcasting Supreme Master TV, and the complete and utter lack of alcohol.

For Loving Hut is run by the cult which follows the teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai, whatever they may be. One of them is veganism. Another one might be smiling so hard I want to hit you.

If we can look beyond these cult-based annoyances, some of the food is pretty good. The menu is a slightly odd mix of Asian classics like spring and summer rolls, pho, and stir-fries, and western classics like spaghetti bolognese (don't order that) and a veggie burger. There are a couple of French-inspired dishes too: a creamy mushroom-stuffed crêpe and a quiche, both served with salad.

The bo bun (or vermicelles du paradis, because this is Loving Hut and they are so uncynical that 'paradise vermicelli' sounds fine to them) is actually very good. There's plenty of lemongrass-scented mock beef hiding under the spring rolls in this photo:

The veggie burger is fine. A seitan patty which is slightly tomato-heavy comes on a good, warmed bun with all the trimmings. Chips are extra though. Only jaded people need chips with their veggie burger, apparently. And only the cynical could possibly want a beer to wash it down with.

Some of the desserts are rather nice. Here's the very fudgy chocolate cake:

And here's the latest dessert du jour: coconut balls.

Not sure the Supreme Master would approve of my plating there.

Loving Hut also has a small grocery section, with vegan cheeses and some of the mock meat products that appear on the menu. Also croissants, but they're dreadful: avoid.

Loving Hut Paris
92 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75011 Paris
Métro: St Sébastien Froissart (line 8) or Richard Lenoir (line 5)
Closed Sundays

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