Sunday, 22 September 2013

Galettes Bretonnes - Savoury Breton Pancakes (Vegan mofo 2013 XVII)

It's easy enough to buy these savoury Breton buckwheat pancakes, but since my vegan mofo theme is veganising French foods I thought I try making them from scratch. Plus, the ones you buy in the shops are perfectly round. Why eat perfectly round galettes when you could eat ones shaped like this:

Or like this?

Ok, my galettes are shaped like islands drawn by a four-year-old child, but they taste really good.

Galettes bretonnes - Breton buckwheat pancakes recipe

2 cups buckwheat flour
3 cups water
Generous pinch salt
A few tsps sunflower oil for frying

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the flour and salt. Make a well in the centre, volcano-style, and add the water. Whisk to combine. You should end up with the consistency of crêpe/English pancake batter.
  2. Leave the batter to rest for a couple of hours. Whish again just before cooking.
  3. Heat up your finest frying pan over high heat with a drop of oil. Then pour in a ladle of batter, and swirl round to fill out the pan as well as you can. If you can't, never mind: you'll get island-shaped pancakes like mine.
  4. Cook for about two minutes, until firm and golden. Then flip and cook for a further minute.
  5. Fill with whatever you feel like. Tofu scramble is a good choice, and so is Tartimi. This amount of batter makes about a dozen Mr Messy-shaped pancakes.

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