Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sauce vierge (Vegan mofo 2013 XIX)

Wikipedia tells me that this simple and delicious sauce was popularised by Michel Guérard. Thank you, wikipedia. Sauce vierge ('virgin sauce') is fresh, light, and perfect for the Indian Summer which has finally arrived in Paris.

You don't need much to make a sauce vierge:

Juice of half a lemon
4 Tbsp good olive oil
1 tomato
10 basil leaves
Salt & pepper

  1. Dice your tomato finely and discard the seeds. Chiffonade your basil.
  2. In a bowl, cover the tomato and basil with the lemon juice and olive oil. Season, stir, and leave to macerate for an hour or so.
People like to serve this easy, tasty sauce with seafood. I happen to like sea creatures, so I served it over a courgette carpaccio. It'd make a great pasta salad dressing too.

Popular additions to the sauce include crushed coriander seeds, shallots, and even capers. I chose to keep it as simple and virtuous as something called 'virgin sauce' should be.

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