Friday, 13 September 2013

Saucisses Purée - Bangers and mash (Vegan mofo 2013 XI)

Here's a classic French pairing that has a thoroughly British equivalent. If I call it by its French name, it counts for my French mofo theme, right? It's now thoroughly rainy and grey in Paris, so time for some comfort food.

Google 'saucisses purée' and you'll find many unattractive images and 'recipes' for what is one of the most simple and tasty teas out there. Sadly, the French don't seem to pour lashings of Bisto over their bangers and mash, so I resisted the temptation too. A wee dab of mustard is way more French.

I made my sausages myself, based on Isa's recipe. To Frenchify the sausages, I left out the fennel and red pepper flakes, and instead upped the thyme and added some marjoram. Once cooked, I fried them up in a tiny bit of oil.

I also only had one saucisse with my purée, because these guys are big! I won't insult your cooking skills by giving you a recipe for mashed potato. Just be sure to add plenty of margarine and seasoning: potatoes get thirsty.

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