Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A few of my favourite blogs (Vegan mofo 2013 XXIII and final)

It's been a busy blogging month. In case you haven't gathered by now, Vegan mofo is a month in which loads and loads of vegan bloggers go all out and write at least 20 posts on their blogs. There's a small but wonderful team behind the vegan month of food, who have organised giveaways as well as creating roundups of some of the best posts.

I chose a theme of French foods for this, my first vegan mofo. I've eaten some really delicious things like this plum tart wot I made up, and these creamy tomatoes courtesy of Elizabeth David. I'm also now thoroughly sick of French food. I want spice. I want coconut milk. I want tempeh. And I want them all now.

One of the best parts of mofo has been discovering a whole load of great blogs that I didn't know about. Today, for your reading pleasure, here are some of my favourites, which I know I'll be returning to again and again.


Wonderful recipes for 'world cuisine' dishes, with a special focus on Mediterranean (and especially Turkish) food this month.

Vegan miam

Beautiful photography used to document the adventures of a pair of world travellers. Insanely useful if you're planning a trip!

Spicebox of Earth

Reviews, recipes, slices of life, horror films, and a beautiful doggy to boot!


Super original recipes, with a theme of Russian foods this month. PLUS VODKA.

Seitan is my Motor

Beautiful photos of beautiful vegan German food. This month, a special focus on German desserts. Effin' lecker.

The Vegan Word

Inventive, delicious-looking food with the great mofo theme of 'also suitable for non-vegans'.

Tea and Sympatico

Great guide to vegan Manchester. Amazing exploration of the Northern Quarter this month.

Leaves and flours

Stunning vegan baked goods and sweet treats. You will drool.

Interprétations Culinaires

Delightful bilingual blog full of pretty pictures. Also, a vegan croissant recipe!

There are lots and lots more great blogs out there of course. Congratulations to one and all on your fabulous blogging this month!

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