Monday, 7 October 2013

Sojabio - Tartine & Moi - A new French vegan cheese

New cheese, new cheese! This spreadable, Boursin-style vegan cheese is very similar to Tartimi by Sojami. In fact, it's pretty much identical. In fact, it could be the same product with a new name.

It's made with organic fermented soya grown in South-West France, so no need to worry about rainforest destruction. The five-pepper flavour reminds me very much of the peppery Boursin that I loved so much in my pregan days.

Sojabio Tartine & Moi is great spread on bread.

Sadly it doesn't react well to heat: it's more of a spread than something you'd eat hot. But hey, I love spreading things on bread.

So far, I've only found this delicious stuff in the fantastic, Whole Foods-esque, Carrefour Bio, which just so happens to be round the corner from my house.

Omni says: "It tastes like cheese!".

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