Monday, 28 October 2013

The Vegg: vegan egg yolk

Does the idea of a vegan egg yolk freak you out? Yeah, it kind of freaked me out at first. But worry not, the Vegg is simply a mix of natural ingredients (like nutritional yeast and black salt) to which you add water. It then becomes very similar to egg yolk, in a space food magic kind of way. It's tasty and useful.

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people behind the Vegg sent me a fabulous parcel containing a sachet of their very exciting vegan egg yolk, as well as the nifty cookbook that provides plenty of ideas and recipes for what to do with this great new product.

I didn't waste long in getting started. I decided to begin at the beginning, by just making up a couple of yolks' worth of the product. All you do is use an immersion blender to combine a teaspoon of Vegg with a quarter cup of water. Whizz, and you have something very very closely resembling egg yolk, but without harming any chickens. Marmite soldiers made a perfect dipping accompaniment.

Then this got me craving scrambled eggs: my favourite way to eat the things back in my pregan days. So I made a super simple tofu scramble, adding a quarter cup of prepared Vegg. Very much like scrambled eggs indeed! It doesn't look it, but it tastes it.

Most recently, I added Vegg to a pasta carbonara made with oat cream and a touch of nutritional yeast, with tempeh bacon crumbles standing in for the lardons.

This is the very best Vegg use I've found so far. Creamy, rich, delicious, and with that very special mouth-feel that I thought only egg could add. Success!

Tempted? If you're in France, you can get hold of the Vegg through Un Monde Vegan. If you're elsewhere in the world you have a load of options.

This post was brought to you by the colour yellow.

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